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Oct 30, 2019


You may have noticed that there was no episode last week. Long story short, we thought we recorded an episode and had a technical failure. Short story long… listen to the episode as we will definitely not let this one go. Anyways, getting back to the issue at hand… This week, the guys invite a special guest, our own horror movie expert, Michelle. But before they let her unload her pearls of wisdom, they start with their streaming picks.
Alex kicks the week off with Netflix and watches the new Paul Rudd driven gem, Living With Yourself. Opie chimes in, having seen a few episodes himself and they agree that this show is pretty solid and definitely worth a watch.
Next up, Pete gives his life over to HBO and proceeds to finish up The Righteous Gemstones, The Watchmen, and The Deuce. Judging by the volume of the shows he watched, and their respective content, we have to assume he is now living out of a hotel and is no longer allowed to see the children. That being said, all off the shows came away with very favorable reviews.
Opie goes Prime this week and watches the rotoscoped series, Undone. It’s a darkly whimsical take of a woman who sounds crazy and sees things no one can, like her dead dad. But he loves. And Opie didn’t hate the show itself, so that’s another positive nod this week.
Kevin finishes out the streaming picks with Hulu, where he watches the JJ Abrams/Stephen King joint, Castle Rock. Having read all of King’s books, he is clearly biased but is very much enjoying season two of this show. And horror expert Michelle gets to weigh in also, with a second positive review of the show
Before the guys cut to break, they quickly discussed the future of Star Wars as it pertains to the new trailers released for this week, The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. There are very mixed opinions here and worth a listen. We’d also love to hear some fan input on these files/shows so find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share your thoughts.
After the break we get to the meat and potatoes of this episode. Just in time for Halloween the gang shares some of their favorite horror movies and discuss said movies. Between the five of them, they discuss over 30 films, some obscure and some well know. Again, we’d love to hear what movies get your Halloween juices flowing, so let us know!
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