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Sep 11, 2019

Episode 27
This week takes the guys into a realm rarely covered in pop culture: SPORTS! Thats right, the elation of NFL’s opening Sunday has the guys in an athletic mood. Except Alex. He thinks sports ball is lame. The guys run down a massive list of movies in all of the major sports and breakdown which were winners and which were losers. The real winners here are the guys, as they have a great time going off on tangents. The losers? Well, probably the listeners. But you don’t listen for the insights, right?
Of course, before we get to the big game, the guys go through their streaming picks this week. Opie changes things up and actually watches something on Amazon Prime. He gives The Spy Who Dumped me a relatively lukewarm review which isn’t that bad, knowing how discerning he can be!
Alex takes to Netflix and watches the latest Dave Chapelle special, Sticks & Stones. The latest from Mr. Chapelle gets a strong review and the guys give a shoutout to a few of his other Netflix offerings as well.
Pete takes to HBO for a religious experience. The Righteous Gemstones is his choice for the week. The John Goodman and Danny McBride led show is an exciting new addition to the HOB universe.
Finally, Kevin gets in his way back machine and blows through the first season of Don’t Trust the B* in Apartment 23 on Hulu. As a fan of Kristyn Ritter, he finds the show to be an angry persons delight!
Enjoy this weeks show. Next week will be a real treat, as we are finally forcing Alex to watch the cinematic masterpiece, The Room.
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