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Jul 23, 2019

This week, on the All Pop, No Culture Podcast, things go a little differently. They go, upside down, you might say... With Alex and Sam on a trip to San Diego Comic Con and some scheduling issues leaving Pete unavailable, Opie and Kevin are joined by an old friend, (well, acquiantance, really), Jen. Jen is an old regular from a previous show and she somehow has some experience with this weeks topic, Stranger Things. Alex and Sam have never watched and Pete is still getting caught up so it’s a perfect time to get 3 people together who don’t quite remember everything that happened and haven’t been responsible enough to binge the first 2 seasons before watching the 3rd and talking about it in a semi-public forum. That being said, the trio has a lively discussion about the 80’s, Demigorgon’s, and Mind Flayer’s. Enjoy!
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