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Mar 4, 2020

The guys are back, after another unplanned break. No we aren’t going bi…weekly (see what I did there?). The group is back together, sans Pete. Where is Pete you may ask. We have an explanation for you in the intro and it’s super special, so listen in to find out!
This week the guys run down so streaming and movie picks really quick. With Pete out, Opie, Alex, and Kevin cruise through the picks with blinding speed. There are some good suggestions in there so definitely pay attention!
As an aside, before recording, the guys discussed possibly working on the show being closer to an hourlong show. For this reason, they forgo a break to do a short segment on DC movies through the year. When all was said and done, the flow carried them into another incredibly long episode! As you’d imagine, the conversation often drifts to Marvel, but the guys expertly divert it back to DC ever time…
Enjoy this episode. It flowed well and we hope you enjoy it. We’ll let you know when our favorite flow wrecker is back in the booth with us, but until then… #wheresPete
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