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Feb 20, 2020

The guys are back in full force this week with what might be their longest episode to date. They even have a plan. The hell you say?? Check out the intro! They explain the plan. Listen to see if they follow it. Plan or not, here’s what actually happens:
The guys kick off the episode by going through a few streaming picks. Pete does his usual and watches something that’s almost irrelevant, but sticks the landing, in West Wing. Next up, Kevin goes over a couple of recent Netflix recommendations, The Stranger and Unbelievable. Both are strong dramatic offerings sure to keep you interested. The guys also throw in a random suggestion for the now cancelled Southland from NBC/TNT
After that little bit of info, the conversation turns to the cinema, where Opie recently saw Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen. It sounds like a return to form for Guy and comes highly recommended. Next up, Alex gives us a last work on Onward before it’s impending release. From here, the guys gently stir the ship to the meat and potatoes of this episode.
The first half of the show ends with a great segue from the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which Alex has seen and didn’t seem to hate, much to everyone’s shock. From there, they use the video game premise to steer into one of the best new shows of 2020, Mythic Quest on AppleTV+
After the break, the guys come back and have a shockingly long and intimate conversation about their favorite video games over the years. There is a noticeable difference in types of players and definitely well worth a listen!! Enjoy!!
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