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Jan 30, 2020

After a week away, the guys come back with a plethora of picks. In a move no one (except anyone who understands the APNC level of organization) could have seen coming, the guys have eliminate assigned streaming picks and are now officially streaming at will. God help you all…
Pete kicks things off by discussing the new space comedy, Avenue 5, on HBO. The pilot episode gets differing reviews from Pete and Opie, so you can imagine how that went. Pete also shed some of his self respect and watched Detective Pikachu. This leads to a discussion of the very entertaining YouTube series, Pitch Meetings.
Next up, Kevin changes things up even more by discussing the PS4 video game, Days Gone. He and Alex discuss the game until Opie taps out. Kevin then discusses his left turn into a completely different streaming service, CBS All Access. He takes the time to cover the appetizer, Evil, the new series staring Michael Emerson (of LOST fame), and Mike Colter (star of Netflix’s Luke Cage). Finally, though, he gets to the reason for starting CBS at all, the new series Picard. This spiritual continuation of Star Trek The Next Generation gets Alex and Kevin once again waxing nostalgic and breaks Opie again.
Next up, Opie talks about the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO. He follows that up with yet another YouTube show, The Hollywood Reporters, Comedy Actor Roundtable. This show is a unique take on the talk show with a Q&A directed at some excellent comedic actors.
Alex finishes the streaming portion off with a movie no one should watch, The Layover, on Hulu. The Kate Upton, Alex Dedario project should come with an apology in the description, but its unanimously decided that Alex Dedario is pretty. Is that relevant? Absolutely not…
After the break, the guys dip a little more into the Oscar discussion. In an attempt to start 2020 better than they finished 2019, the guys are talking more about, and watching more, the Oscar nominated films, 1917, Joker, and Judy. Enjoy the discussion as the guys dabble in being classy!
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