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Dec 4, 2019

The Thanksgiving holiday presented a pair of challenges for the guys. We needed a new place record this week and Alex was stuck in traffic at the Grapevine. Thankfully, our previous mystery guest, David, was able to step up on both counts. His garage was a great space for recording and stepped in for Alex this week with no prep and filled the role to perfection.
Jumping in to their streaming picks, Opie took this opportunity to not watch anything on Hulu… He does get deeper into The Morning Show on AppleTV+ and also watches the first few episodes of See and thoroughly enjoys that, also. Over on Disney+ he also squeezes in the first episode of The World According to Jeff Goldblum.
Pete had Netflix this week and watched, well, just about everything. He watched the entire season of Merry Happy Whatever, which Kevin also watched some of. They had differing opinions, so have a listen to see where they fall. He also caught the new animated Christmas feature Klaus. He also took in the documentary series’ The Toys That Made Us and The Movies That Made Us. After all that, he also managed to also watch Shazaam on HBO.
Kevin took to HBO and watched the first few episodes of His Dark Materials. He talks about it briefly, likening it to a kids version of Game of Thrones. He also took his turn on AppleTV+ and watched the new M. Night Shyamalan series, Servant.
Alex was assigned his favorite service, Amazon Prime, this week, but since he was unable to participate, David had free license to review anything he wanted (because the guys are usually so good at following the rules). He watched Stumptown, which Pete and Kevin had watched before so they got to run through that again with a fresh set of eyes. He also watched the Netflix series Daybreak. He describes it as a teen comedy/drama in the vein of MadMax in high school.
After the break, the guys get all Christmas on your a$$es!! The guys throw down some of their favorite Christmas movies of all time. They also take the time to discuss movies that may or may not be Christmas movies, the most famous of which is Die Hard. Listening to this episode should help all listeners build a definitive Christmas movie list for the rest of the holidays. Merry Effing Christmas!
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