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Nov 27, 2019

In what feels like a monumental achievement, the guys get together for a second week in a row. If you didn’t believe in holiday magic before, this ought to do it for you. That being said, the guys came in with absolutely no clue how to follow directions and thus we get to see what chais truly is. This is like the Black Friday of episodes.
Opie kicks it off by being just the first of many who cannot watch their assigned networks. Instead, he gives us a breakdown of the continuing insanity that is the most recent season of South Park. For those of us behind on this show, it’s a hilarious breakdown of what we’re missing.
Usually we jump right to the next person for streaming picks, but Opie saw Frozen II this week. Yeah, he liked it... blah, blah, blah. But in this episode we had the shocking revelation that one of the guys hates Frozen. It appears there is a group of rebels out there that agree with him. We have begun an inquest to find these rabble rousers so they can be extinguished by the Disney police…
After this disgusting display, Alex goes on and talks about watching Seinfeld as one of his streaming picks. He’s been burning through it and lets us know it still holds up. He also watched a film on Netflix called The King and gave it a strong recommendation. He also continues our slow review of Apple TV+ offerings by giving the Jason Momoa joint, See, a glowing review.
Pete, takes on another new, non-traditional, service with Disney+ and waxes nostalgic about the cult classic dark cartoon, Gargoyle’s. This leads to an ever brief discussion on what older afternoon cartoons were better.
Kevin attempted to stay on task by watching The Rain on Netflix. He only made it through 2 episodes far with a Luke warm review so far. He then derailed and not only went to the wrong service, but also to a show he’s discussed before and reviewed the last season of The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime. This one came back with much more favorable reviews than The Rain.
Lastly, Kevin and Alex lead the charge on a brief discussion of the insane deals win the Playstation Store for Black Friday. Some of the best games to have graced the system in the last several years are on sale for $10 this week. If you haven’t played The Last of Us or Horizon: Zero Dawn, now is your chance to get an absolute steal!
Most episodes, we’d take a break here and come back with something really fun after the break. This week, because we were so chaotic, we decided it would be the perfect time for you to hear the second half of the show that time forgot. You will hear us play a trivia game with our friend/guest David. Someday, we’ll have him back on and Pete won’t erase him from the show’s history… Sorry Dave. We love you, brother!
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