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Nov 20, 2019

Well, guys, we did it. We found out how to show up together and make a podcast. Like a normal group of non-idiots. Look at us, we’re maturing. Getting back into the swing, the guys kick it off with a brief explanation of what happened last week and then Kevin and Opie give their review of Terminator: Dark Fate. Spoiler Alert, they didn’t love it… On the upside, Alex took his lady love to see Ford vs Ferrari and gave that one a strong review. Sadly, Pete brings us crashing back to earth by admitting that he saw The Addams Family. If this was baseball, our average would be awesome…
The guys then jump right into their streaming picks for the week. Pete had Hulu and started off with a review of Stumptown. His glowing review was tempered slightly by Kevins review, which still didn’t make it an outright stinker, so we’ll call this one a win for Pete. He also watched Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, but said he wouldn’t watch the second season so there’s that…
Alex flips it over to HBO and starts to watch the last season of Silicon Valley. Turns out he’s to that original as all the guys are on board with this one and we have another solid review.
Kevin had Prime this time around and blew through season 2 of Jack Ryan. If you enjoyed season one, as he did, you are likely to enjoy season 2. Did he say more than that about it? Yup. Wanna know what he said? Listen to the episode!
On Netflix, Opie found BoJack Horseman, a show all the guys have heard of and none have watched. The being said, the review is solid and everyone is now more interested than they were before this episode began!
After the break, the guys go all in on the new streaming services, Disney+ and Apple TV+. That’s very plus-y, isn’t it? As the guys talk about the services and what’s to come, the conversation ends up on Star Wars, as it so often does with nerds. The Mandalorian is the hot topic everywhere and the guys have nothing but great things to say about that one, also.
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