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Aug 21, 2019

The guys are back together after a hiatus, and none too soon. We’re out of outtake clips, as you may have noticed by the end (middle?) of last episode. But we digress...
Without wasting time (that you know of...) the guys jump into streaming picks for the week. Pete starts off with a trip down Obscurity Lane by watching CBGB on Amazon Prime. Alex goes next and introduces himself to the world of Brooklynn Nine-Nine on Hulu. Kevin takes advantage of the two week stretch to watch two series on Netflix. First there’s the disappointing Another Life but he is then redeemed by kicking off Money Heist (Casa de Papel). Opie finishes the segment by telling us about Hard Knocks on HBO.
Once they finish with that mess, the guys move on to some current going’s on surrounding the new Mulan movie and the Birds of Prey film. After the break, the guys lean into the Star Wars news that been trickling down over the last couple of weeks as we get ready for D23, Disney’s big conference. Take a seat and enjoy a show that feels almost as structured as last weeks, but is completely outtake free!
(Almost, listen all the way to the end...)