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Aug 7, 2019

The guys get together for a relatively down week in the world of pop culture. With no major releases in TV or movies to discuss, the guys jump right into their streaming picks for the week. Opie let’s us in on a hidden Netflix gem, Derry Girls. Don’t get excited, there is no relation to Stephen King’s town of Derry. Next, Kevin tells us about an Amazon Prime original, and its even better podcast counterpart, Lore. Pete searches the recesses of Hulu and finds the Gilbert Gottfried documentary, aptly named, Gilbert. Alex finally finishes the conversation by ignoring HBO and going back to Prime for The Boys.
Talk of The Boys leads us to a quick segment where the guys rank some of the Marvel movies. It’s clear as mud and the guys all have some differing views, except for Pete who becomes the human embodiment of the Tomato Meter. To finish off the show, Alex gives us a review of the Larry the Cable Guy masterpiece, Witless Protection and then get’s back at everyone by having us play a game of his own (pirated) design. Have a listen and see who loses and is now next on the list for a horrible movie to endure.
Listen all the way to the end, hijinx ensue...
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